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What We Do

We have 130 years of experience designing, creating and delivering award-winning displays for retailers and brands across the globe. We are here to help exceed your expectations every step of the way.

We put customers at the heart of everything we do. Whether a retailer, brand or the shopper in-store, we make sure that you are the centre of our designs, our quality process and our execution of projects across the world.

We can offer our customers the full end to end service with our global teams working together from design to implementation.

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We understand the changing behaviour of shoppers across the world and we know that to keep the next generations engaged, the seamless incorporation of technology into our displays is critical.

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Creative Design


Our creative team are a diverse and passionate crowd and take pride in creating unique, attention-grabbing designs that allow your products and stores to stand apart from competitors in the crowded retail environment.


Technical Engineering


Our technical engineers make sure the concept designs come to life and excel in a store environment. We also offer Value Engineering and can take established designs and suggest improvements. They are always refining and looking into new techniques and materials to make sure that you provide an unrivalled shopping experience.




Unlike agencies and sourcing companies, our in-house capabilities enable us to seamlessly manage projects from start-to-finish, providing you with transparent production plans, on-site quality assurance and confidence in our project control. Our 130,000sq.ft. factory runs 24/7, delivering success around the clock!


Global Procurement


Due to our long-standing history and relationships built over decades, we have a strong and established global sourcing network of tried & tested, approved suppliers, which are closely managed by our team of expert procurement specialists in Stratford, London. This can be leveraged for delivery where global sourcing works from a strategic logistical or cost perspective.

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We love seeing our designs out in stores and we have specialist teams who look after the delivery and installation aspects of projects. We’re able to deliver and install across the globe using our network of trusted partners and report back efficiently to stakeholders on progress in the field. After care services are also provided to give all of our clients peace of mind.

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