Legal Policy

Kesslers International Limited is committed to providing exceptional services to fully satisfy our customer’s requirements and standards, whilst conforming to the requisite statutory regulations.

To achieve this goal, our company sets out to fulfil its commitment to quality and continuous improvement via the setting of quality objectives and satisfying all applicable requirements by the application of a formally structured Management System around ISO 9001:2015.

Our Management System has been designed to meet customer requirements by controlling our processes to prevent errors and encourage preventative action.

The system is regularly reviewed for its relevance and effectiveness by our Management Team and is independently assessed by a globally recognised certification body.

Employees within Kesslers International Limited have been trained to understand the objectives and the commitment required to maintain our Quality Policy and the Management System.

The Management System supported by operational procedures has been issued by the CEO, who is ultimately responsible for the operation of the Management System, with all employees responsible for adhering to the requirements of the Management System.  

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