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little dobbies

Challenge: Kesslers collaborated with Dobbies’ Retail Development team… small format urban stores: little dobbies. First launched in Stockbridge, Edinburgh and then followed by Bristol.  This urban store style featured gardening essentials for city-centre residents and including houseplants and pots, gifts and seasonal lines. 

20210329 Little Dobbies - Bristol - inte

Strategy: As well as the concept development and manufacturing of the in-store furniture, Kesslers also produced shopfront signage and graphics through their Hexcite Group partners, to support Dobbies in opening this new store concept in record time. Additional stores have now opened and plans for more will be revealed soon – watch this space!

20210329 Little Dobbies - Bristol - dusk
20210329 Little Dobbies - Bristol - inte
20210329 Little Dobbies - Bristol - inte
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