Xperience: digital technology agency. We focus on the latest technology to create the greatest retail experiences. We use innovative hardware and create compelling content to seamlessly connect the digital world to the physical. We work with the world’s bravest brands, bringing experiential retail to life and analysing all of our findings.

Our Services.

We are consultants in digital technology.


We harness the diverse benefits of VR, from presenting design concepts for review or creating a compelling experience for shoppers. New developments in VR are constant and our team keeps itself at the forefront of the technology.


We can transform a retail environment using projecting, by turning anything into a digital canvas. Using 3D-mapping of any object, we can create an interactive and immersive shopper experience. Our studio and technical teams work together to blend a brand story with content in seemingly impossible executions.


We harness the latest technology to give insight and instant analytics of customer behaviour. Our software is able to report interactivity patterns and also target digital content to the audience in front of it. Using the data, such as demographic, mood, dwell-time and conversion rate, we can work with brands to enhance customer experience, including tailoring content such as triggering latest beauty trends to target consumers.


We know that hitting all of the senses is what creates the best, most immersive experiences. We mix great visuals with audio to create brand stories that capture the imagination, supplying the hardware and implementing the specialist content.

App Building.

We work alongside the best developers to produce apps that drive sales, engender loyalty and create a truly omnichannel experience. Millennials would rather look online for information, rather than talk to someone, even when they are in a store. We help make the most of this, rather than seeing it as an obstacle to brand immersion.

Digital Hardware.

We supply and install the latest digital tech from tried and trusted specialist partners and always get the best solution for the concept. We have sourced everything from screens to bespoke LED displays, digital shelf edges, smart mirrors and projectors, to the simplest digital totems, PCs and tablets. Let us spec the hardware to create a tailored and innovative solution.


We believe that AR is one of the most engaging technologies available in retail environments. We have used it to great effect in using browsers’ phones to create extra dimensions of product information or installing smart mirrors for virtual try-on of clothes. We can create and develop unique, bespoke AR solutions to benefit brand experiences.

Content Management.

We can control all of the digital content remotely, providing instant and reactive updates across all locations. Gone are the merchandising and POS update costs, the technology is ideally suited to content changes from one central location. We can manage this or provide training and software to your teams.

Content Creation.

Our in-house specialists can create amazing digital content for brands. We take the best brand assets and design impactful, quality content which can be utilised across different devices, platforms and tailored for different audiences.

How can we help?

Our team love to talk about retail and would be delighted to chat with you about your project.

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