Kesslers Innovation Seminar 2017

"Activating brands in an increasingly global world" with Guest Speaker, Scott Bird

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Mar 2017
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The 17th innovation seminar was hosted at Kesslers International on Wednesday 15th of March, featuring guest speaker Scott Bird, one of the UK’s leading practitioners in international brands with over 30 years of experience bringing innovative global brands to life.

 After an introduction from Kesslers’ CEO, Scott launched the seminar with a fascinating insight into global brands, covering the themes

How do we ensure retail brands stand out in an increasingly connected world?
What lessons can we learn from successful global brands and their approach to retail?
Examples of great success stories were shared as case studies, highlighting what makes them successful, alongside information about global markets; how they are similar and how they differ.

  The topic of global consumerism was also discussed analysing key points such as:

– Cultural convergence in a shrinking world

– Greater consumer transparency by increased access to the internet

– Rise & rise of the global middle class

– Marketing to Millennials, the first truly digital native generation


The rise and rise of the global middle class was a very intriguing point, Scott went on to explain that the facts show that the biggest target market for a lot of companies is the middle class. As this target market expands more companies are looking to focus on them on a global scale.

A great example of a global success story was NYX make-up who enjoyed a 400% sales increase in 2016. Their aim was to have affordable prices and make the brand accessible to a wider range of consumers, while engaging with the public and staying on trend.

Scott gave insight into what he believes the future of retail holds, citing a mixture of online and offline coming together. The audience particularly enjoyed seeing illustrations of brands that have kept up with the trends and how they have survived over the years. It was clear to that a blend of strategies that have helped them survive and thrive in the competitive world of brand retailing.

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