The Retail Fight Against Coronavirus

In these unprecedented times, the Kesslers team has mobilised to support the nation's fight against COVID-19. Find out how and what they can do for you.

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Apr 2020

Kesslers has a proud 125 year history but never in itshistory has a pandemic of this nature been known. We are living in unusualtimes, which require our teams, our customers and our company to adapt with newdemands in a strange new world which has shaken the retail world to its core,with High Streets closed and our beloved shops shuttered.


Much like the Kessler family in the war, the company hasturned its focus to the national effort, creating and innovating to best servethe country, the community and retailers across the globe. The team has workedtirelessly, delivering designs and solutions for shops, service and hospitalityand the healthcare industry. As ‘a nation of shopkeepers’ it feels like achallenge and a responsibility to deliver for the needs of our customers andtheir employees, as well as loyal shoppers, in these difficult times.


Even before the lockdown was underway, we were designing andprototyping Colleague Protection Screens (or Sneeze Screens!) for use insupermarkets, kiosks and trading retailers. Designs were created to suit arange of tills and checkouts and within a week a nationwide programme wasembarked upon with over 1500 stores visited by Easter. The store colleagueswere incredibly supportive, welcoming to installers and grateful for the safetyscreens and the feedback was amazing, even featuring in the national press!


While our Sneeze Screens have been rolling out to tradingstores, thoughts have turned to how retailers still closed would be bestsupported to safely trade when they are permitted to open. The creative brainshave been fizzing with ideas for sanitisation stations, fun-but-informativecommunication tools and touch-free solutions for the traditionally tactilebeauty and fragrance sectors. The result has been a fantastic suite of retailsafety equipment which is brandable, customisable and aimed to be totally inkeeping with retail and brand messaging. Please see our COVID-19 Page for moredetails or contact us at


The team have continued to work on ‘business as usual’designs and orders alongside these specialist activities, and the factory isworking 24/7, powered by the drive, passion and commitment of the employees,all working safely together for the good of the nation and the protection ofour community. The management team have been incredibly proud of each and everyteam member and their contribution to the company and thankful for the trustput in Kesslers by our loyal and forward-thinking customer base.


Check out our other news story for the latest developmentson the Kesslers’ efforts for the NHS and the frontline healthcare workers.

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