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Imperial Brands

Challenge: Kesslers were tasked to design and manufacture Olivia Burton’s first European store to co-exist as a store-in-store alongside Bering watches in My Zeil shopping centre, Frankfurt. The team were provided with limited information as well as very little storage space for stock holding and tight timeline to adhere to prior to opening launch the day after installation. 

Dunmow Store with list header 3.jpg

Strategy: We began by conducting a site survey to build on the limited information that we had been provided during the project briefing. A combination of both shell and core work for retrofit the fixtures we manufactured into an existing retail space. Kesslers completed fully bespoke fixture manufacture, construction and decoration on site and high-level signage including a personalisation station and wall bays. In order to overcome the challenge of limited stock holding storage, we designed the fixtures following a calculation of maximum stock holding on the shop floor.


Result: Olivia Burton was able to launch on time and maximise on shop floor stock holding leaving My Zeil shopping centre, Olivia Burton, Bering and Movado Group thrilled with the final result. We subsequently used this project as a case study for Olivia Burton expand in Germany.

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