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Welcome to ‘The Hub’

The Conceptual Design team at Kesslers International are always looking for ways to inspire creative thinking.  We speak to Studio’s Creative Designer Clive Scott, co-ordinator of Kesslers’ latest innovation project, The Hub.

There has been a lot of talk about the Hub, what exactly is it?
The Hub project has created a new space that will act as a central point for communication, innovation and learning, supplier workshops, a key area to collate ideas and central library within the company.

What are your plans, what will it look like?
This is an on-going – organic project, with quarterly reviews, to keep the space current and fresh. The original design concept for the Hub sets the room apart from the rest of the building; including low hanging lights, laminate flooring and bespoke furniture, to create a multi function area within the Hub itself. White boards will line the walls of the Hub and display the team’s developing design ideas.

What are your goals for the project?
The Hub will develop department interaction, whilst also offering an alternative focus area to explore new project ideas. Material samples and relevant discussion topics will be featured in the room, working to unite the Design, Engineering and Manufacturing team and maintain momentum to drive a project through.