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Top tips for Visual Merchandising

Kesslers is featured in the July/August issue of Garden Centre Retail to give tips on visual merchandising for garden displays. The magazine will be out next week but here is what you can look forward to. You will find our top tips for visual merchandising on garden displays on page 35.



Top tips for visual merchandising:


Design an element of updateability

Permanent PoS is an investment that should last a number of years- however, trends and fashion change. Ensure that your unites and displays are adaptable and can be changed.


Hotspot new arrivals

Make sure that displays have space to promote seasonal or new arrivals. Changing this from time to time will keep customers interested.



This can be simple or bright and bold. Your display should complement and not clash with the colours of your products. Permanent displays are best kept in neutral colours so they can be reused in the future.


Place products together

A display can help customers visualise how products will look in their home, or even inspire them to try something new.


Keep the customer in mind

When making a decision always consider your customer and what they want to see at a given time. You should conduct customer research to get a glimpse of what their preferences are, as well as researching new trends.