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Top tips for effective P-O-P

Charles Kessler, Director of Kesslers International, shares his top tips for creating an effective point-of-purchase display with Retail Focus.

1. Create a truly engaging experience.

Understand it is in-store where consumers want to engage with brands. Immerse the brand’s values and make the display an extension of a brand’s positioning.


2. Know your target market.

Understand your key audience demographic and their aspirations. Only then can you design something that will effectively resonate and encourage brand loyalty.


3. Create brand consistency.

As in-store marketers, we need to understand the full customer journey and ensure all touch-points represent a consistent brand image. Online and in-store are not in competition. They need to work together to create a consistent and engaging brand proposition.


4. Stand out.

Customers may go to a shop with the intention to buy a deodorant but it is only once they are in-store where they will make the final selection. This is where POP displays need to stand out and demand customer’s attention to secure the sale.


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