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Top 5 tips: in-store theatre

With Christmas on the tip of retail marketers’ tongues, we look at how in-store theatre has become the go-to marketing strategy to cultivate footfall and increase product sales.

In-store theatre is not a new concept, not by any means, however the explosion of e-commerce in recent years, has made traditional retail marketers really up their game. Today’s consumers want to be entertained and they are looking for an experience, not just a transaction. This is particularly true within the luxury market, where multi-million pound art installations are being implemented by the likes of Louis Vuitton, to really cement their high-fashion brand values through a meaningful and unique in-store experience.

Luxury brands aren’t the only ones adopting this discipline though, Supermarkets are embracing this approach too. French deli style bakery departments, social meeting hubs and beauty spa treatment bars are popping up across the retail landscape globally, to improve consumer experience and lift product sales.

As a company who pioneered retail theatre, creating displays for over 70 years, we are huge advocates of the marketing discipline and here’s our top 5 tips for implementing a successful strategy.

1. Stay true to your brand values. Consumers, particularly Millennial shoppers, are looking for authenticity – anything less will not form a true brand relationship.

2. Define what atmosphere you wish to create from the off-set. This could range from excitement, cosy, futuristic, to ‘Zen’. Once the desired atmosphere is identified, the store layout, colour, textiles, scents, music, lighting and POP all need to work together to create a truly engaging experience – American lifestyle brand Hollister is an excellent example of this.

3.Create a calendar of events for seasonal creative displays. This may sound obvious, but a thought-out plan is essential in ensuring relevant and timely experiences.

4. For product displays, think about placement and stock levels. Don’t let the excitement of your retail creation forget the star of the show!

5. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries! Think outside the box and ask questions. Louis Vuitton didn’t manage to implement the LV Townhouse in a listed building like Selfridges by staying within traditional retail confinements.