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The power of the physical store!

Online retailers are finally recognising the importance of a physical store presence, in the quest to form relationships and increase brand loyalty.

There is no doubt about it, shopping habits are developing and traditional, omni-channel and online-only retailers are having to adapt – fast!

Recent consumer behaviour studies show shoppers are not just interested in purchasing a product, they are wanting to purchase the whole shopping experience and retailers who latch onto this concept early will reap the rewards. As is evident with retailers and brands who have submerged themselves into the in-store engagement philosophy, e.g. Benefit Cosmetics and Burberry, who continue to push boundaries in the world of in-store theatre.

For brands with a traditional retail presence, 2015 is an exciting time, with consumers actively wanting to engage like never before.

However, unsurprisingly this shift in behaviour is less of an opportunity for online-only brands, as they come to terms with Kesslers International’s longstanding mantra, which is; ‘to create a truly engaging brand experience, retailers must touch all five consumer senses’ – a concept which just isn’t possible to achieve online alone.

[Cue the physical store!]

Whether it be in the form of a pop-up-shop like Etsy’s brand experience store ‘The House Etsy Built’ or an all-singing, all-dancing bricks-and-mortar store, as in the case of internet giant Google, the physical store is regaining the No.1 spot for retailers’ 2015 strategy, in the battle of creating meaningful shopper experiences.