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Near Field Communication

A new technology method is being introduced in stores across the UK.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a Wi-fi style piece of technology that exists today in many Smartphones.  The technology allows wireless communication between a phone and a transmitter.

The main advantage to NFC is that it does away with store cards, bus passes, credit cards etc. instead, storing them all on your Smartphone.

Although many people have never heard of it, many handsets have it installed. Most mid range/flagship models from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG and Blackberry contain the hardware. Although only 50,000 shops in the UK have yet adopted the technology.

The technology works on the premise of speeding up the in store experience and making the customer’s life easier without having to deal with hundreds of cards. Not only will stores have to install transmitters to communicate with NFC devices, but they will also have to work very hard to ensure customers are captivated. With less time spent at the till and in store, impulse purchases are far more likely to take place.

However, the technology is far more than a way of speeding up the payment process. With the technology being adopted more widely, this opens the floodgates to endless opportunities. Retailers could create their own app, allowing users to visit their stores, scan a product and add it to their basket. This could then be paid for by their credit card and delivered to their address. All through information that their NFC enabled device has saved.