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Let’s talk Make-up, with make-up artist to the stars Sotiris Lovaris

Kesslers have created engaging merchandising displays for the beauty industry for over 70 years, collaborating with brand and retail marketers across the globe. We recently interviewed, industry renowned make-up artist to the stars Sotiris Lovaris to get his take on the industry and the importance of in-store displays within the cosmetic industry.


What attracted you to the cosmetic industry?

I was really young when I used to play with my friend’s hair and make-up. I thought it was a childhood dream. I grew up loving it more and more with time and practised make-up on a daily basis. With time, everyone saw the talent in me, preferred me, so I decided to study it and further my knowledge in make-up. That’s when I decided that makeup was my career and lifelong dream not just a childhood phase.


How did your career in the cosmetic industry begin?

I spend years practising make-up. Moved to London to further my career and knowledge in make-up. So, I joined Mac Cosmetics and Joseph brands. There I had the opportunity to work with great A-listers and Hollywood stars just like that. (Anne Hathaway, Dustin Hoffman, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley). My talent had been noticed when a little while later I was approached by Christian Dior brands. I soon then joined the team and worked with a great team and enjoyed every second of it. My sales were excellent. I was the first in Sales Great Britain and Ireland. Then my position started progressing, I was given a lot more responsibilities. By this time, I had worked with the likes of Mickey Rourke, David Hasselhoff and Claudia Schiffer. From a beauty consultant, I moved up the ladder to deputising manager for Selfridges flagship store and exclusive fragrances.


What are you career highlights?

When Lancôme approached me, and offered me a role as part of the Elite artists of the brand. I couldn’t leave such an opportunity pass me by so therefore I joined the amazing brand Lancôme.

Being part of the Elite team I had a huge role with huge responsibilities traveling across Ireland/Belfast, Scotland, Wales, Uk, the Channel Islands and our head-office being London/Paris. We were the lead artist of the brand, we were featured on photo stands on every counter, brochures, flyers, social media, posters, store displays and screens. This role involved creating regular and huge makeup events on a regular basis in different towns, cities etc. It involved training for the whole of the Lancôme team, seminars, VIP clients and the biggest social events of Great Britain such as the Soap Awards and the BAFTA Awards.


What projects did you do in your free time?

In my free time, I freelanced and collaborated with one of the greatest British fashion icons Alexa Chung (TV presenter, editor of British Vogue).

Worked with huge houses such as Elle Man Tokyo, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, l’optimum Thailand, d’scene magazine, Ours magazine Switzerland, Jon magazine, hUf magazine etc.


Who was your tutor?

My make-up tutor was Alex Babsky. Sarah Jessica parker, Cheryl Cole and legendary Naomi Campbell’s personal make-up artist.


What do you most love about this industry?

I love that fact that you create art on someone’s face. Putting different colours together working with different face shapes etc. Also, giving people a huge confidence boost. Providing people with the knowledge to understand the importance of knowing how to work with and use makeup. How to utilise what you already have to make it look even better.


How important do you believe is the presentation of makeup products?

The presentation of make-up products is probably the key to win someone over. Humans are usually attracted by the way something looks before buying into the understanding and importance of one’s make.


What do you believe are the upcoming beauty trends?

The no make-up, make-up look

Something really subtle nearly believing that you are bare.

And to go out strong matching eyes to lips.


How important do you think it is for customers to be able to test products in store?

Testing products accompanied by a consultant’s presentation and knowledge of the product is key.


What brands do you think are currently creating a successful in store experience?

In-store experience brands are probably the brands that are most luxury but also most artistry based. An example would be a brand such as Nars artists/cosmetics offer a great customer satisfaction with no pressure in purchasing products.


How do you think the Omni channel experience is affecting the way consumers engage with make-up products?

I think the shopping experience is one of the most important shopping key skills.

People buy cosmetics online, however, it is in-store where new products are tested. It is in-store where consumers get the chance to really engage with brands and this is why the in-store shopping experience still remains the most critical channel within the cosmetic industry.


Sotiris Lovaris

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