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Kesslers speak Education & Business

Charles Kessler, was interviewed by Radio 5 Live, to discuss the business impact the potential change in the Education System’s school holiday structure.

The live interview, which aired Friday 3rd June 2016, saw radio presenter Stephen Nolan host a debate, on the impact of the proposed introduction of flexible school holidays. Charles Kessler, along with Educational  Heads, was invited to join the debate to provide a business standpoint.


Charles Kessler explains that: “The business community can operate within whatever structure the Schools feel is best for Children’s education, however, businesses can’t operate with complete unpredictability across different parts of the country. The Education System need to define one central structure, as regional differences will extend the demands of childcare for working Parents with multiple children.”


Listen to the Radio 5 Live interview, featuring Charles Kessler, here: