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Kesslers Retail Innovation Series

Kesslers 12th  Innovation Series featured a presentation from John Ryan, Stores Editor of Retail Week.

The seminar, hosted at Kesslers International,  explored ‘the store of the future’ using a series of case studies to highlight what are the good, bad and extreme ways retailers have tried catering to their target audiences.

John Ryan shared Burberry’s use of multiple screens streaming content throughout the store, even in the dressing rooms, was an effective example of how retailers can target their consumers through mixed media. Where as Tesco’s  incorporation of free Wi-Fi in-store seems more of a novelty for consumers rather than a necessity. The seminar emphasized ‘it’s not what tools are used; it’s how the tools are used.’

Although mixed media provided the basis of the presentation, John Ryan believes ‘digital is part of the answer but not the full answer to the future of retail’. Ultimately retailers should be giving consumers a reason to enter their store.


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