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Kesslers at a glance!

As a new member of Kesslers Marketing & Sales team, Natalia Georgiadou, like all Kesslers employees undertook a full week’s induction, to understand all aspects of our dynamic company. Here, Natalia gives a fresh account of what really goes on behind the scenes at Kesslers International.


“My first day at Kesslers was truly impressive, I got to go around all 130,000 sq. ft. of it and I can say without a doubt it is a must see, although make sure to wear comfortable shoes there is a lot of walking!

Entering the gliding glass doors, I found myself at reception, a nice bright area where everyone working there greets you with a smile. Making my way up the stairs and pass the conference rooms is the Kessler showroom. The large showroom is full of innovative physical display stands, visible from the glass outside, which gives a runway feel with all the brand names facing you while walking down the corridor.

Next to the showroom are the account managers, marketing and finance departments. There is a very fast paced and energetic vibe across all three departments, with employees clicking on their keyboards, taking client calls or rushing to a meeting.

Walking down the stairs through a corridor that has a glass room full of display stands you will find the design team.

The studio is just how I always imagined a design studio to be, with bulletin boards full of designs and a team that is passionately putting down every creative idea that comes to mind.

Kesslers clients have the added benefit of being able to review the quality, look and feel of their display stand before it is released to manufacturing, via the in-house sample and prototype shop .

The design engineers then make sure these designs become a reality, releasing all components to the biggest department, the in-house manufacturing plant.

The purchasing team, which is situated in the heart of the manufacturing plant, makes sure it buys high quality long lasting materials at the exact specifications of the client.

Materials are stored in a huge on-site warehouse that I had the pleasure of visiting. To enter you must wear a yellow vest in order to be visible by the forklift workers at all times. I was taken up on the lift to see the view from the top, I guess I should have warned them beforehand that I am terrified of heights!

Back down to earth, you find yourself where the magic truly happens, the manufacturing and production plant, which brings these creations to life. Cutting, punching, bending, painting, you name it, it happens here. Towards the end of the huge manufacturing plant, is the assembly department, where lines of experts are found building and packaging the beautiful displays you see every day in shops – every step of the production is exciting in a different way.

One of the most interesting departments is quality control, who check each stage of the production to ensure all components are of the very highest standard – an ethos Kesslers International has lived by since the very beginning in 1893.

In simple words it is like visiting Santa’s workshop for brands and retailers and I strongly recommend a tour!”