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Home décor on the rise

With the explosion of social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, providing inspiration of what our homes could look like, the home décor industry is at an all-time high.

Even fashion brands such as H&M, Zara and New Look are expanding their home décor category.

Kesslers International who have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing displays for the home and DIY sector, recently helped launch New Look’s homeware line. Kesslers created a range of modern, clean merchandising displays with integrated ‘U’ shaped transparent panels that keep the products perfectly in place whilst being clearly visible to the consumer.  The home décor market, much like fashion is extremely sensual so it is important the displays are stylish and present the product in the best way possible.

Luxury label’s such as Dior has opened ‘The house of Dior.’ Consumers want their home to reflect them and their style and as Fashion Icon Christian Dior once said,

“Living in a house that doesn’t reflect who you are is akin to wearing someone else’s clothes.”

According to new research by Verdict Retail’s the UK home décor market will have a rapid growth in comparison to other home retail markets.

The prediction is that home accessories will grow by 22% and make up 12% of the homewares market by 2021.

The research also found that 54.1% of consumers compared to 35% two years ago wanted a ‘new look’ for their home.

“As home décor is predicted to be more resilient than other UK homeware markets post-Brexit, it is imperative retailers ensure that investment is directed to growing and improving trend-led and seasonal collections, as well as improving instore marketing.” Verdict Retail. (http://www.verdictretail.com/)

The importance of the in-store experience within the Home and DIY sector was further highlighted by independent research into How Consumers Shop 2016, commissioned by Kesslers International, which involved over 500 consumer surveys. The research found that the Home and DIY sector was deemed the third most important category to experience in-store prior making a purchase – third only to the highly sensual beauty and fashion categories.


Kesslers have produced numerous displays for the Little Greene Paint Company, which specifically focus on consumer experience in-store. The display features integrated, front facing tester pots and angled shelving to display the colours clearly. The displays also incorporated a true match colour chart, to further showcase the products to the consumer, provide a platform for consumers to test and engage with this sector much like they do on Pinterest and Instagram.


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