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Creating meaningful beauty experiences in store

There is a greater push in the beauty retail industry, to ensure customers experience a more personalised process that completely immerses them into the brand. The aim is to enhance the customers purchasing experience and give them something more.

The beauty industry is a fast paced environment with new products emerging constantly. Retailers know they have to stand out, they understand that the path to purchase should be clear, easy and impressive.


Charles Kessler, Director of Kesslers International, explains; “The journey to a satisfied beauty consumer is greatly enhanced by their experience of the purchasing process. The experience in store and product selection is a vital part of the journey. In marketing this is called the moment of truth (FMOT) which is the moment a consumer makes their final brand selection.”

Retailers must continue to embrace Omni channel marketing to create a consistent memorable experience. A customer’s perception of a product, the marketing, advertising, social media and website they experience, all have to be consistent.  It is then in-store where these perceptions truly come to life, so that is where the retailer really must cement a meaningful beauty experience.

Current examples of great beauty experiences retailers are creating:

  • Clearly segmented products, so if you are looking for let’s say nail polishes, they are all in one place and clearly colour coordinated, to make product selection easier for the consumer.
  • Cleanness, this you might think is a weird one but the cleaner and more sanitised the products and displays are, the more customers will be willing to try them. Mac have led the way for a lot of retailers in terms of product testing, providing sealed new makeup sticks, as well as sanitizing liquid.
  • Limited edition products, this is a great way for customers to feel that what they are purchasing is even more special, Benefit have adopted this philosophy well.
  • Helping you find what products the model in the advertisement is wearing fast. Charlotte Tilbury has all the products used, to create a certain look, clearly displayed in front of you. They use the same model to show different looks, which clearly demonstrate what a difference their products can make.
  • Having a theme, that might be glamorous or modern chic, whatever it is, when it’s reflected throughout the store – from the displays to the packaging – it gives that something more.
  • Offers to get a full make over and if you purchase an item you receive a rebate on the cost of the makeover. Many department stores have adopted this sales strategy which encourages product testing and sales.