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Congratulations Zoe!

Whilst working at Kesslers International, Zoe De Grussa attended South Bank University to peruse a degree in Engineering Product Design.

A critical part of the degree is the final year project, where students are tasked to identify a clear product need, design a solution and create a working prototype.

Zoe identified a socially beneficial product titled ‘Indiegrow’ a system that allows families living in poverty to produce nutritious food, using a vertical gardening system. The product is a farming alternative in response to natural disasters, when nutritional food is scarce and land is limited. The innovative system utilises readily available natural materials and conserves precious water through an integrated water capture system; consisting of a recyclable water supply and coconut coir, a very absorbent growing media.

The project was exhibited at New Designer 2015 at the Business Design Centre London and received high praise from industry professionals and Educational Professors alike. As a result of her hard work and dedication to the course, Zoe was understandably awarded a First Class degree and the team at Kesslers International couldn’t be prouder!

For more information on ‘Indiegrow’ visit Zoe’s product page at London South Bank University: http://productofsouthbank.com/work#/indiegrow/