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Alex Dickenson stars in Nescafé TV ad.

We now have a TV personality amongst our midst, thanks to the Nescafé #BigStart TV advertisement starring, Kesslers Account Manager – Alex Dickenson.

The national campaign run by Nescafé original, offers the people of Great Britain the opportunity to give their friends an amazing morning they won’t forget.

As Alex is such a nice chap, his friends nominated him, to give him the ‘feel good start to the day’  he deserves.


So one very wet, rainy Monday morning, a full production crew packed-out Alex’s London home and whilst his friends sat back in the Director’s chair sleepy Alex didn’t suspect a thing. That was, until he was woken up in a truly elaborate and unforgettable way!

All of which, was of course, caught on camera to form this truly hysterical commercial.


Watch now and let us know what you think >

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